Customization Work

Q. How much does Confetti by Mui’s customization work cost?
A. Confetti by Mui charges a design fee of S$200.00 if you engage us only for designing services. This fee will be waived if you allow us to undertake the fabrication of your unique piece of jewellery. This is our way to ensure that the finished product is in accordance with our designer’s strict expectations of our designs.

Every customization varies in term of complexity and material requirements, as such; we can only quote our customers on a project basis. In most cases, customers should expect a minimum spending of about S$500 onwards as all customisations are hand-made and uniquely yours.

Q. Can I bring my own design for Confetti by mui to customize?
A. To ensure that our customers own their ideal piece of jewelry, we welcome customer’s input at all times. However, Confetti by mui reserves our rights to refuse designs that, in our opinion, might infringe the copyright laws.

Q. How soon can Confetti by mui deliver the customization work?
most customized jewelry should complete in about 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the design. At Confetti by mui, we share your eagerness in seeing your precious piece of jewelry taking shape. As such, we strive to deliver prompt services to our customers and will try to complete the projects in the shortest possible time.

Product Sourcing

Q. What is investment gemstone?
natural gemstones are rare resources that mother Earth bestowed on us and are of limited supplies. It is even rarer to find high quality gemstones thus giving this category of gemstones the greatest potential to appreciate in value with time. For investors who wish to include tangible assets in their portfolio can consider investing in high valued gemstones.

Q. What advantages do i have to buy through Confetti by mui ?
Confetti by mui has cost advantage due to our low cost structure and our unique supply chain. We work directly with major diamond and gemstone wholesalers and various mine owners to shorten our supply chain which translate to greater access to good quality and competitively priced gemstones for our customers.

Authentication Services

Q. Why do I need to authenticate my gemstones?
buying your piece of beloved jewelry is an exciting and joyful occasion. You would not want this to be dampened by disappointment later realizing that you have been mislead or misrepresented. A small fee could help save the day and possibly your money.

Q. Can Confetti by mui advice me on the prices of my gemstones?
Our gemologist will only identify the gemstones that you brought in for authentication. The consultation will include only information of the gemstones such as the nature of the gemstones and presence of any treatment. It is our policy not to comment on prices of gemstones or jewelry of yours to ensure that we give you our impartial and objective opinion.

Q. What do i need to do to have my gemstones authenticated?
you may wish to reach us through our contact page for an appointment. You just need to bring along the items that you wish to verify for the appointment. It is just so simple.

Q. How does Confetti by mui charge for authentication service?
This is part of our effort to create awareness amongst our customers; as such we only charge a token fee of S$30.00 for this service.