Frequently Asked Questions

Customization Services

Yes, we do have. Please contact us for further information. 

It depends on the complexity of the designs and works. Generally 4-8 weeks. 

Product Sources

An investment stone is a term used to describe precious stones that are purchased with the intention of holding onto them for a period of time in the hopes that their value will increase. Some examples of investment stones include diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. People may choose to invest in these stones for various reasons, such as their durability, rarity, and historical values. 

  1. We are proud to have an in-house gemologist who meticulously authenticates every precious stone to ensure its genuineness.
  2.   Our skilled craftsman, who are part of our in-house team, meticulously ensure the highest quality workmanship in every piece of jewelry created.
  3.   Our resourceful gemologist is adept at sourcing the finest gemstones to ensure the highest quality and authenticity in our jewellery. 

Authentication Services

Buying your beloved piece of jewelry is an exciting and joyful occasion. You wouldn’t want this to be dampened by disappointment later when you realise that you have been misled or misrepresented. A small fee could help save the day and, possibly, your money.

Please bring your gemstone/ Jewellery to us. 

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